Advertise your ship for sale

If you would like to see your vessel or equipment advertised on this webpage, we can place your vessel for sale here as well.

There are 2 options that we recommend:

Option 1 - Free without any costs, if you let us sell of the vessel as exclusive broker.
Your advantages are, that besides the vessel is shown on this website, we also circulate the vessel in our circle of purchasers. This means that besides visitors of this webpage, all our relations will be informed on a regular base that you vessel is available for sale. This can lead to a fast sale of your vessel.

Option 2 - against payment of a small fee (min 3 months) in case you do not want exclusive brokarage agreement with us as broker.
Your advantages are:
This website is visited very regular by proffessional ship purchasers only.
The people visiting this website are really on the search to find vessels.
When your vessel suits one, than lines are short and deal can be closed soon.

Please note, we will not advertise vessels, which are not priced according market levels.
Reasonable priced vessel of a certain quality can be placed for sale.

We will also not advertise/display or offer any vessel of which we have knowledge that something is wrong or technically or otherwise not in the condition as offered.

For more information, please fill in the contactform.
We will contact you by return.