1600 DWCC - Double hull bunker barge

Bunker tanker for HFO for harbour/river/coastal operations

Object Nr: 1409190B

1600 DWCC - Double hull bunker barge

bunkerbarge TBN
1610 Mtons DWT on 3,35 m draft
built 1993 Kozle Yard, Poland / modernized 2013 Holland
loa 80,82m, breadth 9,37m, depth 4,73m
tank capacity 1643 cbm
vessel has been classed previously for coastal trade (ITC)
class BV
bunkerboom 27 m
double pipe system on deck
3 manifolds on SB and 3 on PS
- loading pipe 10"
- discharge pipe 8"
gas return connection
all cargo tanks coiled
vessel equiped for heavy fuel trading
1 x cargo pump HOUTTUIN 484 Cbm/hr
1 x cargo pump HOUTTUIN 235 Cbm/hr
each cargo pump driven by SCANIA Diesel engines
cargo heating WANSON 600B - cap 698 kW
me CAT 3508 900 bhp
REINTJES gearbox
aux :
- 1 x Valmet / Stanford 49 kVa
- 1 x HATZ 30 kVa
2 x hydr rudders PROMAC 
Bowtruster VETH JET  260 bhp Scania

accomodation :
1 x capt. cabin
4 crew cabins
bathroom, topilet, livengroom, kitchen
hydr moveable wheelhouse with double glass

NOTE : The vessel has been built for bunkering purposes in the English ports and Dutch ports and was sailing North Sea also.
She was classed for North Sea trading as well, but presently classed for port/harbour bunkering.

Vessel is in tiptop condition, trading Rotterdam where inspectable.

Try arnd 1,5 million Euro to test